IP whats my?

Good question! Here is the answer.

IP address:

Country Name United States
Country Code US
Region Virginia
Region Code VA
City Ashburn
Continent North America
Continent Code NA
Time Zone America/New_York
Latitude 39.0469
Longitude -77.4903
Currency Code USD
Currency Symbol $
This is your IP's location

Some more information about your IP address

Hostname & Useragent

CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

What is an IP address?

Why should you like to know your IP address? Good question! In simple terms it is like your phonenumber. Every computer, smartphone that is connected to the internet uses ip addressing for communication. All addresses are unique and are used to send data from A to B. It is no difficult to understand that knowing the right address is useful for troubleshooting. Does you PC or Phone get the right information? And is it able send and receive data? The one and important thing to know is... "IP whats my, what's my ip address?!" Knowing that is extremly important and the place to start advanced troubleshooting with e.g. ICMP ping commands.

IP communication in action!
ip address
Computer A communicates with computer B via TCP/IP, both have an unique IPv4 number.

How to find on a Mac Book, Android or iPhone?

There are many times you need to look further. And investigate on your device the network settings and check the IP configuration. You do not need to be a network specialist or IT nerd to lookup. . Ever wanted to know where to look on your iPhone, Android, MAC Book or tablet? Then please vistit our page and we provide you the "How to" for all the devices.

Click here: What's my IP

PING me darling

PING? Really, what the... is that? The internet protocol brings many cool stuff :-) . PING, or better ICMP messages, is a standard tool that comes with almost every modern OS (operating system). It gives the user the abillity to check if communication through a digital network works. ICMP messages are small data packets that can be send to and from a server to a client. That is like from PC computer to a webserver, or from your smartphone to a DNS server. There are many situations where things just don't work. A basic communication test using ICMP ping is a great help.

Ping in action!
Good to see ICMP traffic is working here, 4 packets send and 4 received, this thing is working. Please note, using the address (localhost) basically means you are ringing your own doorbell.

Do you want to learn more about PING and how to use it? Then please visit our PING tutorial.